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Benefits of working with Pernix Safety Management


Health and safety is a simple term but a wide ranging and often highly specialised field touching every aspect of an organisation and its business operations. Successful health and safety management requires competence at each and every level. Pernix Safety Management supports organisations by providing that competence as and when required. Our Consultants are all professionally qualified both generally and within their specific specialist fields and maintain their competencies through continuous professional development. By choosing Pernix, clients are assured of the best possible advice at all times.


Organisations and individuals learn about health and safety through what they read, hear and are told but most importantly through what they do. Experience brings a true understanding of the hazards or things that can harm or damage, the risks, or likelihood that things can go wrong, the impact on the organisation, individuals and society at large when accidents and ill health occur, and most importantly the means of preventing or reducing the risk of reoccurrence.  Pernix Health and Safety Consultants have built on their knowledge and skills through the experience of working with organisations in virtually every sector in the UK, making them some of the most effective professions in the country.


When an organisation employs a Consultant, Health and Safety or otherwise they need to be assured that they will receive the require services on time, to the right standard and consistently throughout the engagement. At Pernix we pride ourselves in always meeting these needs through ensuring we have a network of Consultants and Associate Consultants with the right levels of expertise of our clients needs. Our work is regulated through he application or rigorous legal, professional and ethical standards and monitored on a continuous basis.  


The world of health and safety at work is constantly changing with new technologies introducing new hazards to the work place every day. Likewise as experience grows new legal requirements are introduced requiring new methods to prevent, reduce or control exposure to hazards, are created. All organisations need to be aware and prepared for these changes through effective planning and preparation. Pernix Consultants continuously monitor the health and safety environment, and often contribute the development of new understanding, legislation and controls through consultation with government, professional and sector groups.  We work closely with our clients and proactively contribute to the effective management of their business.


Despite everyone’s best intentions and efforts things can still go wrong in the workplace and accidents and ill health can still occur. When they do there is understandably a major impact on the individuals involved and also the organisation in terms of accident incident investigation, dealing with the consequential business interruption, facing potential enforcement, and legal actions, which can be levelled at both the organisation, and often it’s senior managers. Pernix Safety Management provides an immediate and effective resource to support clients though these difficult times. We aim to ensure all calls are answered within 1 hour and where necessary we attend clients premises anywhere in the UK within 48 hours.   


A key aspect of the service provided by Pernix Safety Management is that we tailor our work to the specific needs of our clients. We do not believe in a “ one size fits all “ approach or rely on generic solutions. Likewise we appreciate that organisation can and must change as they develop their business and therefore we offer total flexibility within our services so that our clients receive the most effective service at all times. 


At Pernix we understand the need to be able to offer a comprehensive, consistent and effective service to our clients at the point where they do their business. We therefore undertake to ensure that our Consultants are located or able to travel to any client site with the UK, and Eire.   


Health and safety issues occur as an integral element within the operation of all organisations. Therefore it makes absolute sense that the health and safety management arrangements with the organisation are integral to the business and not separate or remote to the key functions. This is clearly seen through the development and implementation of the International Standards for quality, environmental and health and safety, ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001. Pernix Safety Manager support this philosophy throughout our work with our clients and ensure that whether or not the business seeks to operate the above standard the policies, procedures and arrangements we develop for our clients are completely integrated within the organisations management systems. 

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